!r <system1> <system2>   Check range

!u <system>   check if system is under umbrella
!uedit add <system> <group>   Write a system as home system for a group
!uedit remove <system>   Remove system from umbrella list
!uedit list   List umbrella systems and group

!cringemode   check if bot is cringe or not
!cringemode toggle   toggle cringemode
!cringemode set <1~100 (integer)>   set cringemode chance
Cringemode saves message that has more uppoer case letters than lower case letters, longer than 5 letters, saves it in database.
Whenever someone says such message, bot will print one of the saved message in set % chance.

!cmdban <userid>   you ban people from appending anything (yes valtyr im looking at you)
!gubhot ping   guh
!guhbot help   shits out

!time <xhour> <xmin> <xsec>   Provide Unix timescale of time after xhour xmin xsec.
!evetime <hhmm> Convert evetime into local time
!evetime <hhmm> <DayofWeek> Converts evetime into local time but with Day of week.

!roam <system>   give NPC kills in 5 jump range. Link dotlan route for systems in 5jumps.

!thera   List currently available thera hole. EOL/Crit hole will highlighted red
!thera <system>   Show how many jumps it is from Thera entry to given system